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Shaping for their bright future

Satya Prakash is a very special boy. He came to our centre when he was 16 days old. He was found in Maharajganj, a district in U.P. A certain woman went to attend her nature’s call in the field found him lying in the hay and reported and through the childline he came to our centre.
Soon after receiving the boy we bath and clean him then we discovered that the child was blind. Without delay we rushed him to medical college and consulted the eye doctor. We were stunned when the doctor said these words, “how many times do I have to tell you that nothing can be done for his eyes, he cannot see”. We narrated how the boy came to us and that this was our first visit to the doctor. So through the doctor we found out that the parents took the boy for treatment several times but after being confirmed that there was no hope they must have discard the boy.
Today, Prakash is one year and five months old and has grown into a lovely boy. He can recognise people through voice and respond through smiles and by nodding his head. His hearing is quite sharp and he is able to do simple things like clapping his hands when ask to do. Though he cannot see he can walk around with the help of a walker. He enjoys and listens attentively when someone talk to him. He loves listening to music and put himself to sleep by listening to it. Whatever he catches he will have a firm grip on it. He is a cool and peaceful boy. He will only cry when he is wet, uncomfortable or in need of food etc.
At times it seems like he is able to follow light through one side of his eyes.

Sonam is another sweet girl from our centre, BSG. Some locals from Khorabar locality, Gorakhpur found her in a bush. They immediately took her to the Doctor at the nearest public health centre. By then she was only one day old. The next day she came to our centre through childline.
Till one year she was a very insecure and timid child. She will never go to any other except the daily caretakers. Today she is one year and four months old and we are very happy to see that she is able to overcome her fears and is opening up to others as well.
She is a very healthy child physically as she has a good appetite, there was hardly any day that she does not want food. She can play along with her friends very well. She will start to dance and move her body when music is played. She can imitate and copy others. She begins to do simple things when asked like, clapping hands, hugging her friends, patting the smaller babies to sleep and picking up her toys etc. Raising voice at her will put her off. She has also start to speak simple words like ‘tata’ for bye, ‘ma ma’ for food,’ du du for milk’etc.